Daily grace

Monday, July 12, 2004

Monday Monday

Well we made it through the weekend with little to show for it. We've been practicing going into the kitchen through the swinging door over and over again...hum? we cut a few new teeth.

We met up with a few other babies at various parks and playgrounds. Grace seems to like boys alot and will stand and gawk at big boys. It all started when we took her to a restaurant and a 5-year old boy sitting next to us jumped up and started entertaining her. He grabbed both sides of his mouth and stuck out his tongue, jumped up and down, spun around made funny fart sounds with his armpit and needless to say this was the funniest thing Grace had ever seen and the best meal I've eaten in a restaurant in a year. So now I think she expects this from all boys and most will oblige her with some type of antic if she just stares long enough. Most kids are alarmed when she comes up and want to know what she wants? I guess toddlers are the big party poopers for many older kids and I noticed they are constanly being told to share with her and not step on her and to give their beloved toy to her. Mostly she just wants to watch them play.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

day 1

Hi everyone. This is the place to come see what Grace is up to. Dad has been in Brazil this week and we're trying to keep it interesting around here. So last night we had naked spaghetti night which should save us some money in stain removers. Although the dog still got some on her left ear despite her nakedness.