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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Oops I forgot to write for 7 months

So I realize that I missed writing down so much as my baby rapidly turned toddler on us. So a brief synopsis of August to May is as follows: 1) We took a family trip to Cape Hatteras NC in September. Grace's first trip to Grandparents beachhouse and a sunny warm beach. She loved the trip but hated the beach and sand specifically. My Dad got her a little tent that she sat in and she would stick her little arm out and scoop of sand but none could touch her. Lots of crying and a general scowl. After a few trips we got her to walk around and she got a little interested in the birds on the beach. She just seems to freak out if sand touches her. But overall it was a blast. A powerwheels jeep washed up at my parents house in the last hurricane and my Dad put a tractor battery in it. So we had a lot of fun holding down the accelerator and steering for her. Dave had a blast fishing and sailing with my Dad and was thrilled when they almost died in a freak mimi-tsunami event in the boat. 2)Aunt Sharon and Eileen visited us as well and we went hiking and Eileen taught me to knit. 3) November we went to Texas for a family visit to see Mema, Nanny, Poppy, Eileen and Sharon. Grace saw her big cousins: Hunter, Montana, Noah and Savannah and only broke one crystal vase. 4) December Grace and I took a trip to NC and saw Great-Granny and my folks. We had a funny adventure coming back when we had a mechanical on our plane and got stuck overnight in Detroit. This was all fine and dandy except for my back having gone out earlier that week and having no diapers. Luckily I was resourceful enough to check into the Westin in the terminal and only had to make 4 trips down to the baggage claim area with Grace. The final straw was when Grace disappeared behind the Christmas tree in the NWA baggage office and took a big dump. We finally got the bag and the night ended with Grace and I eating $20 chicken strips in the middle of our king size bed and watching Sex and the City. Luckily we got back home the next afternoon and we were able to celebrate our Christmas at home. 5) Christmas was happily spent at home with Aunt April and Dave and we had Fiona, Alex and Gemma over for Christmas Eve. Santa brought Grace a train set and lots of cars and books.


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