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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

My baby ate my homework

We stand on the edge of a mouth full of teeth-baby teeth. Ever so slowly they enter the arena and cry out for something to gnaw, chew,slobber.."anything, anything at all will do. Just get us something out of the trash" they shreik at her.

She went through my wallet today and removed all the major credit cards tossing them aside. Then she located the receipts seemingly going through them until she came upon a business-related expense which she promptly shoved in her mouth, ripped off a big hunk of it and chewed it up as she ran into the next room. The new skill of running is coming in handy these days.

Almost everyday she has a new little object that she carries around all day. She will take it and place it on a shelf then take it over to the dog usually placing it right infront of the dog's nose so she can check out her new find. She will even let me change her diaper if I place this object on the bathroom window seal where she can practice moving it around. Today's object was a pair of dice from an old backgammon set. But she bit one it half and fun time with dice was over.

Emergency room visits today:0


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