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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Catching up to 2005

So I'm trying to remember what happened over all these months and nothing big comes to mind...lots of eating, dancing, singing, running,climbing... We did take a music class in January and Grace wasn't that into the class but she loved the music. Everyone else politely sat on their moms laps and sat, sang and played instruments. Grace doesn't like to sit on her mom's lap...she likes to run. I almost think she doesn't like loud noises because it seemed to bother her during the instrument songs. She was curious about the instruments but not really into playing. We took a Valentine's trip to Maui in Feb. with Nanny Glee. It was beautiful and relaxing and Grace did great on the flight. She was excited about airplanes and liked the pool but she wouldn't let me hold her and swim. She liked to stand on the steps and walk down a few at a time. Her favorite part of the trip was visiting a friend's flower farm and seeing the cows. The beach was another story. She fell apart the instant we stepped foot on the beach crying until we left. Luckily the pool was close to the ocean so I could at least watch the whales go by from a distance.

The biggest change for us was our basement remodel which we have slowly been finishing. Now Grace has a big playroom and we built her a little playhouse. Dad built a little fireplace and I'm painting a little window scene. Grandma and Granddad visited in April for Grace's second birthday. I baked her a caterpillar cake with 2 candles for antennae. She loved the party and "cake cake."
Here's some cute words she says now: Klie Klie=blankie; way cie=gracie; shu shu=shoes, fly fly=butterfly, daddy home=the studio. At bedtime now she jumps up and down and screams "baby wok." Which means she wants me to rock her and hold her like a baby and sing a little song I made up called "Husha my Gracie." I let her fill in the blanks about what we did and saw that day. Lately we just go outside a lot and stalk the neighbor cats and bat at leaves. Today she is practicing her jumping like a frog.


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